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    LIKE/COM/SHARE/SUB http// is the debut feature film from British filmmaker James G. Wall. Shot over 14 days in July 2012 for £250. The film was debut on YouTube at the end of June ...
    is the debut feature film from British filmmaker James G. Wall. Shot
    over 14 days in July 2012 for £250. The film was debut on YouTube
    at the end of June 2013, making it one of the (if not the) first
    film to premiere on YouTube. In 2014 it was featured in national
    publication Digital Filmmaker Magazine.On Saturday 29th March I did
    a talk at Bradford Film Festival (Filmmakers Weekend) and it went
    along the lines of this (my story).Hello, Im James G. Wall, a
    filmmaker from Leeds. I made the feature film The Truth About
    Romance, I released it on YouTube and its gone on to reach over
    300,000 views.Feel free to email or comment any questions, Im happy
    to have a chat with you.So, a little history about me. Like most
    filmmakers, I imagine, I had a fascination with films and filmmaking
    from a young age. Starting with filming anything with my parents
    video camcorder to making short films with friends in my teens. I
    eventually went to study filmmaking at Leeds College of Art, and
    graduated in 2010 with a First Class Degree.After I graduated I
    thought I was a big deal! I had a top degree and a really good grad
    short film (Fish Food). When I originally uploaded it to YouTube and
    it did the rounds I got great feedback. I thought everybody would
    want to work with me. I soon found out that wasnt the case, and the
    advice I was given was to get some experience.I spent a few months
    looking for experience, but I didnt really find much, I managed to
    do a couple of days on a feature film, which was great. Other than
    that there wasnt much experience to gain in Yorkshire. I spent a lot
    of this time practicing and improving my writing, whilst making
    contacts and networking.It was around then I decided to make my own
    experience, and I made a ton of short films and uploaded them to
    YouTube.Id always known I wanted to be a writer/director, but whilst
    I was studying I took advantage of learning every aspect of
    filmmaking, I worked on fellow students projects in a variety of
    roles. Id also invested much of my student loan on equipment and
    software.This made making short films much easier when Id left
    college. I didnt have to rely on a sound guy, editor etc, I could do
    it myself. I had all the tools to get out there and start creating.I
    set myself weekly challenges to see what I was capable of. See if I
    could write, shoot, edit and upload a short film in one week. My
    portfolio really started to grow. It also gave me the opportunity to
    work with local actors. Plus it was a great way to practice my
    craft, as well as shooting with no budget and limited time. Time has
    always been my worst nightmare, but whilst making short films Id
    developed my own style and techniques of shooting quickly.Id average
    a few hundred views per short film on YouTube, although I had a
    small audience they seemed to really enjoy what I was making.The
    problem with YouTube is its massively over saturated, and theres
    millions of videos being uploaded every day. If I wanted to get
    noticed I knew I had to do something really special.In the Summer of
    2011 I started thinking about the idea of making a feature film. I
    started making a few notes, story lines, ideas etc, but didnt really
    think much more about it. However, Id started telling some of the
    actors Id been working with that I wanted to make a feature film and
    they were up for it, completely onboard with the idea.By the end of
    2011 I was determined to make it. I had an idea I really liked.I
    spent a couple of weeks in January writing the script, then a couple
    more in February and by March I had the first draft finished.I sent
    the script to some of the actors I had in mind whilst writing it,
    and they loved it. They knew I had no money so agreed to work for
    free.It was finding the rest of the cast and locations which was
    challenging. Plus, I was pretty much doing all this on my own. Im
    still shocked today that I managed to pull it together.Craig Asquith
    - ChrisDonna Parry - ZoeLeonora Moore - JessMargaret Cowen -
    MumCREWJames G. Wall - Writer/Producer/DirectorCraig Asquith -
    ProducerMark Braithwaite - CinematographerThanks to David Garland
    amp; Laura WinningMusic by Jacko HooperAdditional Music by Buen
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