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Crossfire Trail (2001) Tom Selleck, Virginia Madsen, Wilford Brimley. Western

Crossfire Trail (2001) Tom Selleck, Virginia Madsen, Wilford<br />
Brimley.  Western
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    Crossfire Trail (2001) Tom Selleck, Virginia Madsen Rafe Covington promises a dying friend that hell watch over the mans wife and ranch after hes gone. When Rafe gets to his friends ranch, he finds that Barkow, the local p...
    Crossfire Trail (2001) Tom Selleck, Virginia Madsen Rafe Covington
    promises a dying friend that hell watch over the mans wife and ranch
    after hes gone. When Rafe gets to his friends ranch, he finds that
    Barkow, the local power in town, wants not only the ranch but the
    woman, too, and hires a gang of gunfighters to make sure he gets
    both.http// Western, also known as
    Italian Western, is a broad sub-genre of Western films that emerged
    in the mid-1960s in the wake of Sergio Leones film-making style and
    international box-office success. The term was used by critics in
    USA and other countries because most of these Westerns were produced
    and directed by Italians. According to actor Aldo Sambrell, the
    phrase Spaghetti Western was coined by Italian journalist Alfonso
    Sancha. The denomination for these films in Italy is western
    allitaliana (Italian-Style Western). Italo-Western is also used,
    especially in Germany. The term Eurowesterns may be used to also
    include Western movies that were produced in Europe but not called
    Spaghetti Westerns, like the West German Winnetou films or Ostern
    Westerns. The majority of the films were international
    co-productions between Italy, Spain, and sometimes France, Germany,
    Yugoslavia, and the United States.These movies were originally
    released in Italian, but as most of the films featured multilingual
    casts and sound was post-synched, most western allitaliana do not
    have an official dominant language. The typical Spaghetti Western
    team was made up of an Italian director, Italo-Spanish technical
    staff, and a cast of Italian, Spanish, German and American actors,
    sometimes a fading Hollywood star and sometimes a rising one like
    the young Clint Eastwood in three of Sergio Leones films.Over six
    hundred European Westerns were made between 1960 and 1980. The
    best-known Spaghetti Westerns were directed by Sergio Leone and
    scored by Ennio Morricone the Dollars Trilogy A Fistful of Dollars
    (1964), For a Few Dollars More (1965), and The Good, the Bad and the
    Ugly (1966) and Once Upon a Time in the West (1968). These are
    consistently listed among the best rated Westerns in
    general.[6]Sergio Leones A Fistful of Dollars established the
    Spaghetti Western as a novel kind of Western. In this seminal film
    the hero enters a town that is ruled by two outlaw gangs and
    ordinary social relations are non-existent. He betrays and plays the
    gangs against one another in order to make money. Then he uses his
    cunning and exceptional weapons skill to assist a family threatened
    by both gangs. His treachery is exposed and he is severely beaten,
    but in the end he defeats the remaining gang. The interaction in
    this story between cunning and irony (the tricks, deceits,
    unexpected actions and sarcasms of the hero) on the one hand, and
    pathos (terror and brutality against defenseless people and against
    the hero after his double play has been revealed) on the other, was
    aspired to and sometimes attained by the imitations that soon
    flooded the cinemas. Just as seminal and imitated was Ennio
    Morricones music that expresses a similar duality between quirky and
    unusual sounds and instruments on the one hand and sacral
    dramatizing for the big confrontation scenes, on the other.Use of
    pathos received a big boost with Sergio Corbuccis very influential
    Django. However in the following years use of cunning and irony
    became more prominent. This was seen in Leones next two Westerns,
    with their emphasis on unstable partnerships. In the last phase of
    the Spaghetti Western, with the Trinity films, the Leone legacy had
    been transformed almost beyond recognition, as terror and deadly
    violence gave way to harmless brawling and low comedy.Leones films
    and other core Spaghetti Westerns are often described as having
    eschewed, criticised or even demythologized many of the conventions
    of traditional US Westerns. This was partly intentional and partly
    the context of a different cultural background.
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