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ROSE RED Full Movie _ Stephen Kings _2002

ROSE RED Full Movie _ Stephen Kings _2002
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    ROSE RED Full Movie Stephen Kings_ 2002 History of Rose RedAccording to information revealed at various points in the miniseries, Rose Red was built in 1906 by wealthy oilman John Rimbauer for his wife, Ellen. Rimba...
    ROSE RED Full Movie Stephen Kings_ 2002 History of Rose
    RedAccording to information revealed at various points in the
    miniseries, Rose Red was built in 1906 by wealthy oilman John
    Rimbauer for his wife, Ellen. Rimbauer used much of his wealth to
    build the mansion, which was in the Tudor-Gothic style and situated
    on 40 acres (160,000 m2) of woodland in the heart of Seattle on the
    site of a Native American burial ground. The house was rumored to be
    cursed even as it was being constructed; three construction workers
    were killed on the site, and a construction foreman was murdered by
    a co-worker.While honeymooning in Africa, Ellen Rimbauer fell ill
    (from an unspecified sexually transmitted disease given to her by
    her husband, most likely herpes[1]) and made the acquaintance of
    Sukeena, a local tribeswoman. The two women became very close while
    Sukeena nursed Ellen back to health, and Sukeena accompanied the
    Rimbauers back to the newly-completed Rose Red. The Rimbauers had
    two children, Adam and April (born with a withered arm), but Ellen
    quickly became unhappy with her marriage to her philandering and
    neglectful husband. Deaths and mysterious disappearances became more
    commonplace at the house. One of John Rimbauers friends died of a
    bee sting in the solarium, while his business partner (whom Rimbauer
    had cheated out of his share of the oil companys profits) hanged
    himself in front of Rimbauers children. Six-year-old April also
    disappeared in the house, and Sukeena was tortured by the police
    after being suspected of her murder. John Rimbauer appeared to
    commit suicide by throwing himself from an upper window (although
    viewers of the miniseries later learn that he was murdered by Ellen
    and Sukeena).Ellen and Sukeena continued to live in the house after
    John Rimbauers death. After a spiritualist seance, Ellen came to
    believe that if she continued to build and expand the house, she
    would never die (echoing the story of the Winchester Mystery House).
    Ellen used nearly all of her dead husbands fortune to continually
    add to the home over the next several decades, enlarging it
    significantly. The mysterious disappearances continued to occur,
    however, and both Ellen Rimbauer and Sukeena eventually disappeared
    in Rose Red.For several years after Ellens disappearance, only
    servants occupied Rose Red. Adam Rimbauer, who inherited the house,
    lived there for a short time with his wife. However, he abandoned
    Rose Red after witnessing several paranormal events. After his death
    and with the family fortune spent away, his wife sold off many of
    the homes antique furnishings, and generated some income by
    permitting the fictional Seattle Historical Society to give tours of
    the house. These tours ceased in 1972, after a participant
    disappeared while on a tour of the mansion. Investigations for
    paranormal phenomena were conducted on the property in the 1960s and
    1970s. But these also ended, and the house fell into disrepair.The
    miniseries begins in the year 2001. Steven Rimbauer, the great
    grandson of John and Ellen Rimbauer, has inherited Rose Red. He has
    been offered a substantial sum of money to have the house torn down
    and the site developed into condominiums; but he is intrigued by the
    paranormal history of the house, and has agreed to allow one more
    investigation of the mansion.
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