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Snowden UK journalist Kevin Cahill Sues Facebook Google amp; Microsoft For Giving Away His Data

Snowden UK journalist Kevin Cahill Sues Facebook Google amp;<br />
Microsoft For Giving Away His Data
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    UK citizen sues Microsoft over Prism private data leak to NSAFiona OCleirigh - Computer Weekly - Thursday 05 December 2013http// crosoft-over-Prism-private-data-leak...
    UK citizen sues Microsoft over Prism private data leak to NSAFiona
    OCleirigh - Computer Weekly - Thursday 05 December
    crosoft-over-Prism-private-data-leak-to-NSAA British citizens UK
    court action will test the legal right of Microsoft to disclose
    private data on UK citizens to the US electronic spying
    organisation, the National Security Agency (NSA).The case will shine
    a light on the legality of top secret US court orders which require
    US technology companies to disclose details of foreign users private
    communications.Kevin Cahill, a British journalist, has brought the
    case in the Lord Mayors and City of London County Court. The case
    centres on Cahills belief that Microsoft breached the security of
    his email account.Cahill argues that, by obeying orders that are
    legally binding only in the United States, Microsoft has contravened
    British law -- the Data Protection Act in particular.The action
    follows revelations by former US intelligence contractor and
    whistleblower, Edward Snowden. Snowden revealed that the NSA had
    been collecting metadata about email and other communications from
    Microsoft since 2007, under its controversial Prism interception
    programme.The case will raise questions over the jurisdiction of
    secret orders made by the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court
    against US technology companies operating in the UK.The other
    service providers named in the Snowden documents as contributors to
    the Prism programme are Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL,
    GOVERNMENT DATA REQUESTSEarlier this year, Facebook published a
    Global Government Requests Report that lists the number of requests
    made by governments for data from the company. In the first six
    months of this year, the US government made between 11,000 and
    12,000 requests to Facebook, covering the records of between 20,000
    to 21,000 users. Some 79% of requests -- which relate to either
    criminal or national security matters -- were granted. A Facebook
    web page d Information for Law Enforcement Authorities states that,
    for international requests We disclose account records solely in
    accordance with our terms of service and applicable law.In an
    official blog post dated 7 June 2013, Google denied having heard of
    the US Prism surveillance programme until the previous day and
    appealed for greater transparency. Companies are not permitted under
    US law to disclose details of requests made by the NSA under the
    Foreign Intelligence Services Act (FISA).First, we have not joined
    any program that would give the U.S. government -- or any other
    government -- direct access to our servers, the website stated.
    Second, we provide user data to governments only in accordance with
    the law.Far-reaching consequencesHuman rights lawyer Geoffrey
    Robertson QC said the action could have far-reaching consequences
    for Microsoft and other service providers, if it succeeds.Microsoft
    allegedly betrayed its customers by providing their personal
    information, without their consent, to the NSA, said Robertson. This
    would constitute a serious breach of the British Data Protection
    Act, by an American company putting its allegiance to America above
    its legal duties to its British customers.Documents leaked by
    Snowden reveal that Microsoft assisted the NSA to circumvent the
    encryption on the email portal, including Microsofts
    popular Hotmail service.The company also made it easier for the NSA
    to monitor its cloud storage service, Skydrive, which has over 250
    million users worldwide, and its Skype telephone and video service.A
    Microsoft spokesman told Computer Weekly We have been notified of
    an action being filed, and will be responding to it in due course.
    It would be inappropriate to comment further on the details of an
    active legal case.Facebook and Google namedCahill is seeking damages
    of £1,000 under the Data Protection Act. He has requested that the
    county court order Microsoft to reveal the contents of the orders
    made under the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).He
    has brought additional actions against Facebook and Google in the UK
    and their named UK directors. Facebook and Google declined to
    comment on Cahills claims brought against them. Concerns over
    Parliamentary dataThe case has also raised concerns over the
    security of British parliamentary data, due to plans to use cloud
    services from Microsoft.Parliament proposes to use the cloud for its
    records in the future. Im not sure it is right for us to give our
    data to a company that is controlled by FISA courts in the USA, said
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