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Top Secret Kapustin Yar -- Russias Area 51

Top Secret Kapustin Yar -- Russias Area 51
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    This show looks into that activities of Kapustin Yar -- a remote, top secret, military development and test facility in Russia and said to be the former Soviet Unions version of Area 51.Kapustin Yar (Russian Капусти...
    This show looks into that activities of Kapustin Yar -- a remote,
    top secret, military development and test facility in Russia and
    said to be the former Soviet Unions version of Area 51.Kapustin Yar
    (Russian Капустин Яр) is a Russian rocket launch and
    development site in Astrakhan Oblast, between Volgograd and
    Astrakhan. Known today as Znamensk (Russian Знаменск), it
    was established 13 May 1946 and in the beginning used technology,
    material and scientific support from defeated Germany. Numerous
    launches of test rockets for the Russian military were carried out
    at the site, as well as satellite and sounding rocket launches.Open
    Street Map of the area.The 4th Missile Test Range Kapustin Yar was
    established by a decree of the Soviet Government On Questions of Jet
    Propelled Weapons on 13 May 1946. The test range was created under
    the supervision of General-lieutenant Vasily Voznyuk (commander in
    chief of the test range 1946-1973) in the desert north end of the
    Astrakhan region. The first rocket was launched from the site on 18
    October 1947; it was one of eleven German A-4s that had been
    captured.The State Ramp;D Test Range No 8 (GNIIP-8, test range S)
    was established at Kapustin Yar in June 1951.Five atmospheric
    nuclear tests of small power (10-40 kt) were performed over the site
    in 1957-1961.With the further growth and development, the site
    became a cosmodrome, serving in this function since 1966 (with
    interruption in 1988-1998). The town of Znamensk was established to
    support the scientists working on the facilities, their families and
    supporting personnel. Initially this was a secret city, not to be
    found on maps and inaccessible to outsiders.Evidence of the
    importance of Kapustin Yar was obtained by Western intelligence
    through debriefing of returning German scientists and spy flights.
    The first such flight reportedly took place in mid-1953 using a high
    flying Canberra aircraft of the RAF. Numerous circumstantial reports
    suggest this flight took place, using the Canberra PR3 WH726, but
    the UK Government has never admitted such a flight took place nor
    have any of the supposed participants provided direct evidence The
    Canberra took off from Giebelstadt Air Base, Germany, and, flying
    via the Volga to the Caspian Sea, landed at Tabriz, Iran.Due to its
    role as a development site for new technology, Kapustin Yar is also
    the site of numerous Soviet-era UFO sightings and has been called
    Russias Roswell.
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